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Welcome and congratulations that you have found us on the web. If you are Dealers in Arts and Antiques, (including web designers or photographers working for them), we are sure we can assist you in presenting your collection online in the most attractive way.


When you look around the web, you will find many studios which offer image editing services. Most of the time, these studios are generalists, clipping images for corporate clients offering everything from packed foods to detergents.
Our dedicated image editors, however, have great affinity with fine art and antique objects for which the highest quality of image editing is required.
Therefore, we set up a specialized photo editing boutique for just those clients who are professionally engaged in the domain of Arts and Antiques.
These customers (and their clients as well) are ultimately driven by beauty. Quite naturally, they aim at the highest standards for presenting their valuable collections online.

We are expanding our services for these customers into fields like exclusive web design, development and maintenance. This web site, however, is dedicated to what constitutes the most fundamental part of attractive Arts & Antiques web sites: “pictures which are saying more than 1000 words can tell”.

We are specialists in transforming casually taken photos in enticing pictures which are often little works of art in themselves. It is also the best entrance to your trust. If we outperform in delivery this basic but crucial part to your web site, the next move to designing, developing and, if needed, maintaining your web site is a logical further step. We are glad you have found us, giving us the opportunity to invite you to our Portfolio which shows a representative sample of our work. We would like to stress the point that all these original photos were taken in a casual way, often with suboptimal exposure and resolution, just to demonstrate how they look like after careful editing.


Quite often objects are photographed by Antiques & Arts dealers in a casual way without much regard of focus, exposure and surrounding. It is quite understandable. When new arrivals must be quickly photographed, all these necessary preparations are being neglected simply by lack of time. We, however, do not at all advocate to change this practice and even encourage you to keep on taking photos in this rather loose way. You continue the way you like it knowing that there are specialists like us who can make all the necessary adjustments which turn your crude photos into eye-catching pictures.

Clipping is the first step in the image editing process. It implies the removal of background and all items that distract attention from the object on which we want to focus. Although there are some software tools to assist us, the main part of this really intricate work is completely done by hand. A time consuming but nevertheless satisfactory work for achieving the best results.

The second step is to reposition and center the object that, often more than not, stands higgledy-piggledy on the crude photo. Over and under exposure can be corrected for by deepening or lightening the colours, the third step.

These first three steps already significantly enhance the overall quality of the picture. Magic, however, is added by shading which, to do it in natural way, is an art in itself. It is the most dedicated part of the editor’s job and requires his or her genuine interest, if not love, for the object. Shading adds depth to the picture as if we can touch and grasp it.

Descriptive tags, urls and logos can add more functionality to the edited photos. With these elements the photos can really stand on their own with minimal additional text needed or even no text at all. After all, most visitors of web sites are mainly being attracted by pictures. The fewer text, the better as it raises for really interested buyers the need to engage in personal contact with you.



We are a dedicated team of image editors in a middle-sized organization and can therefore communicate with you directly through any means of communication (mentioned on our contact section) to discuss with you your special editing wishes. We are always happy to know our customers and to talk with you.

Transfer of Files

You can easily transfer your photos to us by various ways. You can simply send your photos as attached files in your-email to us. Any number of photos, no order is too small, will be processed with the same dedication and enthusiasm. For larger numbers of photos we may open for you a folder in dropbox or you may prefer to transfer them to us by using your existing FTP software. Usually, we deliver our services within a few days.

Privacy Policy

We guarantee that we only use your files for allowing us to edit your photos. In no way shall we use them for other purposes or share them with others. When the job is done the original files are routinely destroyed. Read more about our privacy policy.

Invoicing & Payment

We are aiming at enduring relationships with our customers and will send you an invoice after the job is done and only when you are fully satisfied with the result. Again, any payment modality of your choice is acceptable although we have some preference for using PayPal.


The following photos are a little representative sample of our work. We would like to stress the point that all these original photos were taken in a casual way, often with suboptimal exposure and resolution, just to demonstrate how they look like after careful editing.


Unlike many others who apply different prices per photo depending on the complexity of the image, we avoid all the hassle and make life for you and us simple by applying just one fixed price. There are no hidden costs. There will be simply no surprises!

€1.85 | £1.60 | $2.30PER PHOTO

Photo Clipping & Standard Editing

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€2.80 | £2.40 | $3.50PER PHOTO

Full Treatment Photo Editing

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Feel free to contact us for any question you might have about our services, specific wishes or other questions about our other web services related matters. Our dedication to and affinity with fine art and antiques will work for you!

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